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We leverage the transformative potential of AI to create profound, impactful connections across diverse communities.

Crafting Connections and Empowering Voices

At FutureSum, we leverage the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence to create profound, impactful connections across diverse communities. Our carefully curated suite of intelligent tools is crafted to align with and amplify the distinctive voices and experiences of Black and Brown communities, ensuring their unique perspectives are not only heard but celebrated.

In an age where AI consistently pushes the frontiers of innovation and discovery, our mission is anchored in the ethical use of technology—striving to enhance the rich mosaic of human creativity and intellect, not to supplant it. We are committed to fostering an environment where every interaction is a step towards a more inclusive and ethically conscious digital world.


An Innovative LLM With a Flexible API

Latimer, developed by FutureSum, is not just a groundbreaking Large Language Model (LLM) tailored for Black and Brown audiences; it's also accessible via a sophisticated API, designed to seamlessly integrate bias-mitigated, historically accurate AI functionalities into various applications.

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